• SUMMER schools - Faculty of Economics Skopje & AIESECSkopje
  • 11:00:00 , 07 Авг, 2017 до 14:00:00 , 13 Авг, 2017
  • SUMMER schools - Faculty of Economics Skopje & AIESECSkopje
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  • International Summer School’s ObjectiveThe International Summer School is a project organized seventh time in a row under joint cooperation between the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Faculty of Economics-Skopje and the international student platform AIESEC Skopje. After having successfully realized the following six International Summer Schools titled: - “Make a Difference-Become a Green EU Leader“ (2010)- “Make a Difference-Become an Innovative EU Leader“ (2011)- “Make a Difference-Become a Corporate and Socially Responsible EU Leader“ (2013)- “Make a Difference-Become a Sustainable Competitive Advantage EU Leader“ (2014)- “Make a Difference – Become a Creative EU Leader of Change“ (2015)- “Make a Difference – Become a Leader in Enhancing Regional Cooperation through Customs Modernization“ (2016)The topic of this year’s Summer School “Make a Difference - Become a young leader on dealing with new economic challenges on the path to the EU“ is on one hand defined in compliance with the actual issues and challenges that the countries from the region are currently facing with on their road to becoming a full EU Member country, and on the other hand in consideration with the actual issues and challenges that the EU is facing with after the recent economic crisis.This Summer School aims at having participants acquire theoretical and practical experience related to the new findings in both the economy and the public policies in the post-crisis period which should be considered when dealing with the economic challenges and reforms in the countries from the region and abroad, all for the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of these countries’ economies on their path to the EU. Integral Thematic Segments- Economic reforms and policies on the path to the EU;- Financial markets and institutions;- Institutions and institutional reforms;- Knowledge-based economy;- Entrepreneurship, business and economic performance. Within these thematic segments, the project shall give a closer elaboration of the following issues:- The challenges in implementing economic reforms on the path to the EU;- Economic concepts and policies in the post-crisis period;- The role of financial markets and institutions in maintaining stability and boosting economic activity; - The importance of institutions for the socio-economic development;- Institutional reforms for the purpose of boosting economic development and increasing social welfare;- The role of knowledge and human capital in boosting economic growth and reform processes on the path to the EU;- Knowledge-based economy as basis for faster economic growth and global integration;- The challenges for the business sector on the path to the EU;- The role of entrepreneurship in enhancing firms’ competitiveness and improving economic performances.The above listed thematic segments shall be covered by academic staff from renowned and well established universities, as well as by experts from relevant institutions from the country and abroad. Within the frameworks of the Summer School there shall be special slot for having the successful companies from the country share their experience with the participants.Official working language: EnglishDuration: 7th -13th August 2017Venue/Location: Congress Center, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia http://www.ukim.edu.mk/kc/index_eng.htmlAPPLY ON: https://goo.gl/forms/0HXznLAr1JaZoJSl2 FEE: 150 EurosApplication deadline: 15th June 2017Notification Acceptance: 20th June 2017

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