• Hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje
  • 09:00:00 , 31 Мај, 2017 до 16:00:00 , 01 Јун, 2017
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  • Macedonian Human Resources Association
  • 11 доаѓаат, 14 можеби
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  • This year the tradition continues!!! On 31 May and 1 June, Skopje will again be the center of the HR happenings in the region and beyond!!! The MHRA hosts the 9th International HR Conference in Macedonia, this time in cooperation with Vrabotuvanje.com!The aim of this year’s Conference "The best HR solutions for facing challenges in the fast growing industries" is to keep up with the hot HR topics that affect both human resources managers and general managers of fast-growing businesses, open management approach and a need to be always up to date with advanced techniques and solutions!Some of the professionals that you will have a chance to hear and meet on this two-day conference are:•Rok Zupancic - Head of Human Resources Management at Telekom Slovenije (Slovenia)•Aco Momcilovic – Chief Human Resources Officer, Rimac Automobili (Croatia)•Miglena Ouzunova Tsekova, Senior HR Director, MOBILTEL EAD (M-tel), HR Manager of the year 2016 in Bulgaria•Xavier MoliniÃ, - Executive Director, Photobox (& Former HR Director, EMEA, DELL, France)•Igor Zonja, Board Chairman, MojPosao (Croatia)•Mine Alptekin- People Operations and Development Director, Actera Group, Soobe Retail Brand (Turkey)•Diana Kobas –Founder, Mamforse (Croatia)•Massimiliano Santoro Ph.D. Cultural anthropologist, group trainer, executive coach, Gruppo Prospecta (Italy)•Gerard O’Donovan, Founder and CEO, The Noble-Manhattan Coaching (UK)•Lesslie Samozi, Senior Lecturer and Academic Director, The University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College (Greece)•Chris Liassides, Lecturer and Academic Director, The University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College (Greece)•Filippo Abramo, president of Federmanagement association Italy & past president of European association for people management (Italy)This event is aimed for: executive directors, managers, HR professionals, HR specialists, middle and line mangers, trainers, consultants from public, private and NGO sector and students.Do not miss this unique opportunity- register today and save your seat: http://mhraconference.mk/?page_id=670&lang=en More details available on: http://mhraconference.mk/Topics to be discussed:•The impact of the Leadership Programs and Performance Management System on Talents Retention•Digital HR and Its Power for the Transformation of the Success•Revisiting Positions: Getting HR on Top•How to manage your brain when facing challenge: What we learn from neurosciences?•Recruitment Process 2.0 – Utilizing Social Networks and Company Strategy•Employee retention- Mamforce Standards Impact•What Is the Added Value of Recognition Program?•Do Best HR Solutions only Ground on Their Ability to Reinventing HR?•Embracing Diversity and Change•Corporate and Executive Coaching, - the Key to Employee and Organizational Growth •The Latest Recruitment Trends! Two panel discussion: 1. People Challenges in Fast Growing Industries - CEOs perspective2. HR Managers’ Perspective – Online HR SurveyHR EXPO 2017: Place where companies, will have a chance to present and show their services, products, programs and technologies that can support the functions and HR department in the organizations aimed for business sector representatives and HR professionals. If you want to be one of the exhibitors on HR EXPO 2017 let us know at: contact@mhra.mkWe hope you will be able to join us!!!For any questions we remain at your disposal (contact@mhra.mk)....

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    Нега на новороденче

    Дознајте ги основните правила за нега на новороденчето. Грижата за папочето, правилна нега на кожата, оптимална температура во собата за престој, бебешки ...
  • Acibadem Sistina Hospital, Skopje
  • 19:00:00 , 26 Јул, 2017 до 20:00:00 , 26 Јул, 2017
  • Acibadem Sistina Hospital
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  • Отворен ден во Скопје Лаб

    Центарот за иновации на Град Скопје - Скопје Лаб во понеделник во периодот од 11 до 13 часот организира отворен ден на кој сите заинтересирани граѓани може да ...

    8th Balkan Conference in Informatics BCI 2017

    BCI2017 will be held on September 20-23, 2017 at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering of the University “Saints Cyril and Methodius” of Skopje, one ...

    STING во Скопје @15.10.2017

    STING ДОАЃА ВО СКОПЈЕ!!! Драги пријатели, Со големо задоволство Ве информираме дека на Македонија ќе и` се случи најголемиот концерт во нејзината досегашна ...
  • Boris Trajkovski Sports Center, Skopje
  • 20:00:00 , 15 Окт, 2017 до 22:30:00 , 15 Окт, 2017
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  • Avalon Produkcija
  • 6252 доаѓаат, 8234 можеби
  • Глобален Лидерски Самит Македонија 2017

  • Hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje
  • 10:00:00 , 11 Ное, 2017 до 16:30:00 , 11 Ное, 2017
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  • Global Leadership Summit Macedonia
  • 21 доаѓаат, 28 можеби